My Secret Room In Hell

Spain. 16. ^w^
Passionate about music.
Failed guitarist.
Rock and Punk (-Parawhore-)(-Zombie-).
Rookie gamer.
Love Tomb Raider games, Assassin's Creed saga and Resident evil (Others are also valid, but too many to write them all).
Yoshi in sad times.
Tattoos and piercings.
Angelina Jolie, Bradley Copper and Milla Jovovich are pure love.
Wild and cute animals *-*
Multicolored hair.
Sucker Punch *w*
Anime and manga PLS.
Lemurs to be happy. <3
Little Pony.
South Korea.
Kung Fu Panda 熊猫
Deal with me.
This is a bit of my boring life, I hope you like the blog, enjoy it =D
Talk to me if you want, I don't bite very strong. ;)

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Is there anything better than Free Slurpee Day?

Access to basic health care

financial security

anime titties


The best scene of the Secret Garden Parody.


my otp awdokdvjfn

(vía wow-bigbang-baby)


baby i’m not a monster
i just don’t know how to dress myself properly 

| screencap meme | breakerofvows asked; sucker punch +  colors abound

"Be like the flower that gives its fragrance to even the hand that crushes it.”
- Imam Ali (a)
Me: *points to favorite band member*
Me: That's my idiot

Put one in my ask box

America: What superpowers I want/wanted
China: Three things that I find to be adorable
Russia: A dream I want to have come true one day
England: Someone I miss
France: What I envision the man/woman of my dreams would be like
Canada: The last time I felt unnoticed
Japan: Something I might never say out loud
Germany: What I think most people think of me
Italy: My childhood best friend
Hungary: An embaressing story from when I was young
Austria: A musical instument I always wanted to play
Prussia: 3 People I think are awesome
Spain: Something that makes me smile
Romano: Someone who has always been there for me
Greece: The last dream/nightmare I can remember
Switzerland: Someone/thing I'm protective of
Lichtenstein: Do I have siblings? My relationship with them
Finland: A time where I misjudged someone
Sweden: Last time I scared someone (be it on purpose or accident)
Hetalia: 5 places I want to visit/see in my lifetime

Seulgie &amp; Irene of Red Velvet